What Could Stop Our Divisiveness

If anyone's work is needed right now, it is Jonathan Haidt's. He's a researcher and the author of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. He was interviewed on TED earlier this month about the intense division we are seeing between people of different political persuasions. His answers are insightful. And he may be the first person I've listened to who doesn't seem to have taken sides politically.

Haidt says in his book that he was very liberal before he started his research. He now considers himself more of a centrist. He learned that both left and right have legitimate points to make and that several factors in our biology make it difficult to see the other side once we have chosen our tribe. But he has some great suggestions about what to do to stop our divisiveness.

Read more about the interview on the TED blog: The other side isn’t your enemy: Jonathan Haidt speaks at TEDNYC.

Read more about Haidt's work: Finding Common Ground During Election Season. 

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