The Three Treasures

Praying, or wishing others well is a natural manifestation of compassion for others. As you begin to feel calmer, your desire to make prayers for others will increase. When you want to pray for someone, what do you pray for? What would you wish for another? What is worth having in life? Here is what I suggest and why:

Tranquillity. Calm is universally useful and makes things better for everyone, no matter what is happening.

Connection. Deeper connection with others is universally valued and good for you. Pray the person finds a way to open their heart to people, to find people in their lives they can safely open up with, and who will reciprocate. Love and connection is healthy and one of the main things making life worth living.

Meaningfulness. Pray that they will find meaning in their struggle, and perhaps more important, that they will find a meaningful purpose to put their heart into.

This is what to wish for others, this is what to help them achieve, and these three treasures are what to aim for in your own life.

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