How to Have More Time

Time is not the problem. You and I have no more or less than anyone else. Greed is the problem. For any human being (let's take you, for example), whatever you have, no matter how much it is, it quickly becomes the status quo and you want more. It is human nature.

The pursuit of more is what gives us the sense that we're low on time.

Give up trying to acquire or accomplish so many things, and you will feel the time pressure ease. Does that mean becoming a flake? Not at all. You can accomplish anything you want, but not everything you want. The sooner you fully understand that, the sooner your life can become relaxing, enjoyable, and full of achievement.

Do this: Make a list of your top six priorities, your top six purposes, and put them in the order of their importance to you. Now drop off the bottom priority. Let it go. Let that purpose go. If you still don't seem to have enough time in your life, drop the next bottom one. You will have plenty of time to accomplish the most important things without the pressure of trying to accomplish too much, giving you time and the freedom of relaxation. You can accomplish anything you want, but you certainly cannot accomplish everything you want. The sooner you realize that truth in your actions, the sooner your time pressure will go away.

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