Comments on the Book, Principles For Personal Growth

Some of these comments are about Self-Help Stuff That Works, which was the first, hard-bound volume of this work. The second, updated, revised, paperback edition is called Principles For Personal Growth.

A woman from New Jersey wrote the following:

I'm a 61 year old retired school teacher. For 38 years I tried to instill in students the difference between right and wrong. I'm also a mother. My youngest boy, age 21, has been incarcerated almost six months now. I didn't even SEE a drug problem my boy was having. I carried guilt around for a long time. I still cry, but not nearly as much as I had been doing. I am in therapy — don't think therapy has helped as much as your book. I read it over and over as often as I need. Thank you Mr. Khan for possibly saving my sanity. I plan on ordering copies to give to those I love for Christmas presents this year. You have given me back my "sleep" at night.

Reginald Thomas Aubry wrote:

Yours is proof that if you have something of quality, the more you give away, the more we'll want to buy.

I believe I've read your entire web site. You would think that after that I would have said - 'Well, I've seen everything he has — I'm done — guess clever old me won't have to buy the book now.

Wrong! :-)

I was more than happy to buy the book, and I'm not disappointed in the least that I did. It's not that you were holding out on us and the additional essays in the book are the best - it's just that there are MORE of those wonderful nuggets of useful and motivating writing.

I am a 25-year veteran of the technical writing industry, so I tend to be VERY hard when reviewing non-fiction writing. I can say without reserve that I truly appreciate what you've done. Self-Help Stuff That Works — does. Period.

Dave Bourfford, publisher of the Positive News Network, had this to say to his readers:

I get a ton of mail with people wanting me to promote their products and services to you, my loyal readers, and 99.9% of it I turn away but this book is an exception.

I found this book so enlightening and helpful that I just had to share it with you. The author Adam Khan has compiled a virtual encyclopedia of practical ideas that you can apply to make your life better. These ideas are presented in bite-size, easily digestible chunks.

Each chapter is independent from the others and can be read in any order. The broad spectrum of feelings and situations covered provide you with solutions and suggestions that you can apply to improve your situation or your attitude toward it.

I hope you find it as helpful as I have.

Simon Schatz, Director of Administration, Financial Services:

Thank you for the breath of sanity and honesty provided in your book.

Chris Hill, Editorial Director of Rodale Health Promotions

I've been a fan of Adam Khan's columns for over seven years. Adam is one of those rare writers who takes a simple, profound idea and makes it LIVE for you ... and he entertains you in the process.

Bill Ellison, Chairman and Founder of TVI, Inc. (Value Village/Savers Stores U.S., Canada & Australia):

I've read Self-Help Stuff That Works six times so far, and plan on MORE!!!

Zev Saftlas, author of Motivation That Works: How to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated:

This book is a great book. There is a lot of hype in the self-help industry and this book cuts through all of that to provide you with stuff that really works. Adam is results driven. Adam is looking for what works. I love books like this. I don't need any more theories. I want practical application. This book shows you many ways to apply self-help stuff that really works into your own life. Read it and apply it today!

Donna J. Evans, owner of a hair salon:

SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE. I have read many self-help books and not one gets to the point the way 'Self-Help Stuff That Works' does. It is so simple and easy to read, yet very effective and well written. For instance, I have gone through many time management books, and have felt like throwing them against a wall before I could finish all the do's and don't, etc. In just two pages in the chapter, 'Time Management Made Simple', Adam has managed to explained it very simply and so effectively, and it does WORK! I have taken three or four chapters and work on that stuff. As things change in my life, I use valuable information from other chapters in the book and put those suggestions to work, and they do WORK! What I really love about this book is that it's fast, easy to understand and gets right to the point, and it WORKS!!!

Varghese P. Daniel, owner of Bharti Enterprises, New Delhi, India:

Self-Help Stuff That Works is simply superb.

Dan Murphy, Afternoon Host, KIXI-AM Radio:

Self-Help Stuff That Works really does work. It's clean, concise, genuinely usable information, without any of the psycho-babble. Over the years of interviewing authors for my radio shows, I've had many self-help books cross my desk, and many of them were written more like textbooks, full of professor-speak. Self-Help Stuff That Works is a breath of fresh air that speaks simply and directly in a non-judgemental and truly uplifting manner. While many books try to offer a magic bullet or some cosmic epiphany, yours is down-to-earth advice and encouragement that anyone can relate to.

Mike Elgan, publisher and editor of MikesList, and Adam's brother:

Adam takes an entire body of self-help literature and boils it down into directly useful advice. He separates the wheat from the chaff and prints 100% whole wheat.

Noel Hawke:

Adam, thanks for the 360 angle, not just the narrow view. Really good stuff! As the Buddhists say, 'it has great merit.'

Julie Jarosz, owner of Eco Hauling:

I love it! Your book helps me put everything into the proper perspective, and that of course, brings me up.

John Pinuck:

Really good book. It helped my girlfriend and I straighten out our relationship.

Robbie Roberts, editor and RN:

Congratulations on this great book! It is easy to read and understand. It is also simple to see how it can be applied in the tasks of daily living. I would like to mention it as recommended reading in my March newsletter if that is okay with you.

Ava Formo Ham:

You are my new hero! I can't believe I'm just now discovering your work.


A friend just sent me the address to your site. Thank you so much for your wonderful info. I'm working on my Ph.D. — life is just a bit stressful at the moment, and I appreciate the readings you offer. Thank you.

Will Bowen, Creator of Apple a Day and RomantiCards:

A practical and interesting guide to gaining control of your life and reaching your highest potential. The handbook for the human life.

Robb Dunn, Information Systems Consultant, Husband, and Father of 2:

Positive interaction with others in my personal and professional life are crucial to my success. By applying the material, I have improved the quality of these relationships through better self-awareness and self-esteem. It is concise, down-to-earth, and above all, practical information I could apply immediately. Solid methodology. This really is self-help stuff that works!

Valerie E. Goulds, ONESTEP Support Engineer, Wall Data Inc.:

I will need to buy two copies so I can have one at the office. We have so much negative input in this world these days, I am trying to keep positive things around me. These are easy reads but deeply meaningful, just the boost one needs.

John Dayton, 91 year-old adventurer:

I'm convinced that thoughtful study of these ideas expressed in Adam's book will be of great help to any reader who is seriously interested in improving the quality of his or her life.

Commander Robert L. Sundin, USCG (Ret.):

The chapters are straightforward and positive. They provide an insight into the positive thinking and 'take charge of yourself' attitude that Adam shares with his readers.

Bob Alford, Manager of Technical Services:

Got it, read it and it works! Peppered with usable insights and suggestions...a painless, practical, proven investment in myself...wish I'd had this "stuff" long ago.

Kathy Stumph:

I'm getting so much from your book. It's my Bible! I love the fact that I can pick up the book at any point and read without having to read it from front to back. And I love it that you don't talk around the subject, but get right to it.

Gerre Boardman, Montessori School teacher:

I have been reading more of it and enjoying it very much. The short chapters have me reading one after the other, even when I think I'm going to just read one...I keep wanting to read the next one. I enjoy the stories of the people and it comes across in the book that Adam really has enjoyed reading the stories of the people, too. He just sounds like someone you know really well sharing his observations and insights in the most down-to-earth, comfortable way. He really has a knack for conveying helpful ideas.

A reviewer on

This book is a very helpful to the common Joe with not much time but a strong desire for self-improvement. We all have days where we just want to be uplifted, yet we don't always have 45 minutes to read a chapter on how to improve self-esteem and happiness. The most important thing in self-help is that you have a good mental coach, a good conscience rooting you in the right direction. When you're feeling down, a good mental coach will tell you how to direct your life. The length of the chapters is just a nice little meal for your mental coach to help you learn without having to completely smother your mind with extra information that isn't very helpful. So ladies and Gents, buy the book if you want the help without sacrificing all the time. It really is worth it.

Tiffany Delahunt:

This stuff REALLY DOES work! Adam has a very cheerful and optimistic outlook which just has to rub off on you if you spend any time at all with this book. The chapters are short so you don't get bogged down in a long boring saga of things that may not apply to you, and they can be read in any order. The reader actually has control over what part of life's many struggles he or she can seek help with. If you buy a self help book for yourself or as a gift, you can't go wrong with this one.

A reader from Heathfield, East Sussex United Kingdom:

It works every time. This is a book that does what it says, time after time. I have had this book for a couple of years now. It is one of the few self help books I will return to again and again for inspiration.

The author does a great job of getting essential ideas across in a meaningful and memorable way. The chapters are short and pithy, and that is why it works so well. There are a few references to other classic books and research, but no detailed bibliography, which is a drawback. Nevertheless, this is a great book. Presentation and layout are good, with key ideas summarised in bold and telling quotes given at the end of most chapters. You will feel the difference immediately. Worth every £ or $ spent.

A reader from Prospect Park, PA USA:

This book is indeed some of the best self-help advice between two covers, and is written in a clear, entertaining style. It does not need to be read in any particular order, and is full of interesting facts, quotes, and stories. Of course, the book has useful ideas and is perfect reading for those last few minutes before turning off the light at night.

This book is no-bull.

A reader from New York, NY United States:

Outstanding! This may very well be the best self-help book ever written. It is easy to read and easier to digest.

Danielle, a student in Washington, USA:

I'm not sure about you, but I have a bad day at least twice a week. You know them. Those days where you want to punch the first person who doesn't agree with you on everything. Well, if you actually punch that person, you're not going to end up with a good result! Duh! That's where this book comes in helpful. I don't want to sit down for 6 hours reading about finding inner peace with my problems, and analyzing my childhood! Adam Khan has done something absolutely brilliant... he has consolidated everything in the self-help world you need to know, and made it into chapters that you can understand. Believe me, he knows what he is talking about. I should know, I'm his 14 year-old niece, and I'm proud of my uncle, the self-help author. I'm not saying this because I have to, I'm saying this because it's the truth. His book has helped a lot of people. He has shared with me some of the many emails from people all over the world about how this book has helped them. So if you're reading this, considering buying the book, do it. It's worth every penny. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Adam Khan is a genius. He put together all the useful stuff about self-help into one easy to read book. Buy the book. Its Great!

Andrew Brown, supervisor of a large manufacturing plant in Hamburg, Germany:

This book is 100% concentrated, fast acting, practical advice. There are so many 'self help' books available today, all of them offering you the answers to life's challenges, that you almost need a self help guide just to choose which one is the right one for you! You could be forgiven for regarding 'Self Help Stuff that Works' by Adam Khan as just another book to be added to the list. But wait a second!! This book is different, very different. Adam Khan has successfully made a distillation of all of the best self help theories, wisdom and ideas, and the final concentrate is a book that has the most practical, funny, easy and enjoyable-to-read advice that you will find today!

The author has a natural gift for writing in a style that is very much as if he is talking directly to you. That, coupled with his ability to take ideas, extract the good bits and make sound practical advice out of it that is easier to apply, make it 'pound for pound' the best book on the shelf!

The book is written in the form of concise chapters. Each cover an idea often in the form of a short story that contains wisdom and practical advice on how to approach problems, handle situations, strengthen relationships, choose your direction in life, develop inner strength — the list is endless. The chapters are divided into 3 sections entitled attitude, work, people and the whole concept of producing a book in this format makes so much sense and allows you to use it as a constant source of reference. No longer do you have to spend time sifting through a book to find that 'pearl of wisdom' that really struck a chord when you read it last time. With this book you can quickly refer back to ideas and advice. This also helps you to concentrate on absorbing one or two key ideas over a period of time so that you can really integrate them into your life before moving on to the next idea.

As Adam says, 'too often we try to change too many things at one time'. I can tell you from my own personal experience that there are ideas and suggestions contained in this book that you can apply instantly, without any difficulties that have the power to make considerable and lasting changes in your life. I did it myself by taking one particular idea from this book. After applying it, I have changed not only myself but affected to way people behave towards me in a very positive and empowering way. That is what's so great and so different about it. The ideas are so practical and easy to apply but yet give real tangible results immediately as soon as you start using them! I cannot rate it highly enough and I would just say, go and buy this book if you want to make positive, practical changes in your life!!

Bill Butler, a reader from Tarzana, California, USA:

Wow! I have looked or read through thousands of books on self-help and psychology in the last thirty years. And I so much wish that someone had given me this book when I was eighteen. It is the best book on self-help that I have ever read.

A relative is giving you trouble, but you don't want to cause disruption in your family. You are worrying all night about how you scored on a college exam. A man or woman rejects your advances. You start a project and you feel that it may never may be completed. This is a first aid book. But also a 'prevention' book. In other words, it's a survival book. Don't look elsewhere for this kind of help.

It's really designed in a 'Marine Core' fashion for emotional, social, and monetary survival. In a way that will not only help you help yourself, but also to help others. It all comes together in this manual. Equally excellent for all ages, all races, and both sexes.

The author gets to problems and situations quickly and without any jargon. I believe this to be the best self-help book in 50 years. It has showed me how to release anger in 90 seconds (seriously). How to deal in relationships (no — it is not easy). Probably the best book you could have if you want to keep your marriage intact. The best book that you could have if everything around you looks totally 'black'. The best book you could have when confronting a brand new situation that you know nothing about. I can't describe it. Don't read it. Study it. And this will be your best insurance policy for your health, your psychological well-being, and your pocket book.

A reader wrote to us from England:

I had to go through an English bookseller due to the fact that I can't buy things online using the computer at work. However, I got your book about six weeks ago.

I started by reading it the whole way through, and then by going back to chapters that had really caught my attention. I can honestly say that I really like the format. It really helps you when you want to look back at something that you've read without having to spend ages finding it. The chapters are 'bite sized' and the fact that many of the 'messages' and advice are in the form of a story makes them memorable. I'm glad that you 'stuck to your guns' and kept the format in the face of pressure from the conventionalists.

Three of the chapters have had an immediate effect upon me and I see already a change in myself. The first one is 'refuse to flinch'. When I read this I immediately recognised this in myself and realised the effect it has on many aspects of my life. I have since been consciously 'not flinching' and it has given me a huge boost in self-confidence and produced feelings that I can only describe as greater emotional strength. I must confess I like not flinching!! Of course it takes time to get rid of old ingrained habits but I'm getting there.

The story 'just keep planting' has also struck a chord with me. It reminds me of something someone said to me about the effect of goal setting and 'knowing what outcome you want in your life.' He said to me, "Imagine we agreed to meet at the movies to see a film together, but you were delayed so I went in alone and caught the last few minutes of the previous showing of the film that we were going to see." When we did get to see the film together, the way I would see the film would be different from the way he would see it.

The reason is that I would be less affected or fooled by any twists and turns in the plot of the story than he would because I already know the final ending. So it is in life, he said. If you know clearly what you want, you will not be so affected by setbacks and problems because you effectively already know what the final outcome will be.

The third chapter is 'Optimism.' I liked it when I read it and it's one of many of the chapters I felt I could 'run with it' and get immediate results, and that is what I have done. I work for a company that was recently bought by another (nothing new these days). As you can imagine there is a lot of doom and gloom around and a general feeling of uncertainty. However, I've looked at the situation and found many reasons for me personally to be optimistic. I must confess it's harder at first to be optimistic, it certainly in the past has not been my natural reaction. However, I'm learning to be more optimistic and it's becoming more of a natural reaction for me.

Regarding my quest to find exactly what I want to do with myself, well I must say that I did the exercise a couple of times now and what it revealed was that I should put spend more time with friends and hobbies. But, interestingly, it has revealed areas of my work I would like to work more with. I am a metallurgical engineer by profession but I work very much with sales and marketing to the metals industry. I have had occasion to get involved in failure investigations and I have now decided that I will look to pursue my 'formal career' in this kind of area. It's also an area in which I could eventually work for myself, which also appeals to me.

However, what I think for me this whole soul searching period is about, is finding a creative outlet and making my mark so to speak. I now think I am starting to see what it is and how I am going to do it. I will not say too much yet other than to say that it involves writing. I've always felt that I would like to write but as yet I haven't done anything about it. Now I am!

I think your book is excellent and you should be very proud of yourself. It's very easy to read with lots of practical advice and I feel that its value will prove to be long-lasting.

Suyono in East Java:

I downloaded some of the materials on your web site about self-help and I find it very interesting and helpful. I forward the material to my friends and they have the same opinion. I try to apply them in my daily life. Again I thank you for your great work.

Order your copy of Principles For Personal Growth by Adam Khan here.

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