the ancient hindus used the same technique as modern cognitive science to end human misery

There isn't much to it: Just give up desires. Of course, you can't possibly do that permanently, but you can do it right now. Ask yourself What do I want right now? You almost always want something. And the state of wanting is a state of discontent. Whatever you want right now, just give it up. Say to yourself I don't want that. Decide you don't want it.

Don't worry, it'll come back. But for right now, you'll gain yourself a peace-of-mind break. This is not difficult, and you can do it.

Notice what you want right now, and let it go. Give it up. Then notice what else you want and let that one go too. You'll notice a relaxing feeling of contentment come over you.

If you don't notice that contentment, and you want to feel it, give up that desire too.

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