Sustainability Implies That Your Land Is Not Improving

“Sustainability implies that your farm land is not improving, but it’s not getting worse either,” Jason Virtue said.

Mr. Virtue is an accredited holistic management educator, training farmers, graziers and land managers in a method that goes beyond sustainability. He has trained and mentored numerous farmers to improve the health of their land, their stock and their businesses in Southeast Queensland.

Holistic management uses grazing animals rather than machinery and chemicals to improve the land. The method builds up the carbon content in the soil, which allows it to hold more moisture and grow richer pastures.

“Holistic management is about thinking differently about how we use the land. It’s about deliberately creating a cycle of ever-improving results,” he said.

Mr. Virtue believes grasses are under-appreciated as a means of carbon storage.

“Trees hold carbon in their leaves and branches and roots and when they die, the carbon is released to the atmosphere. With grasses, the carbon is held in the soil.

“Some grasses have roots as far down as 10m. Any carbon stored below 50cm is very stable.

- Excerpted from an article in The Weekly Times. Read the rest of the article here: Savory a sweet way to build soil, stow carbon.

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