Could This Superfood Save The World?

This wonder crop has deep roots that tap into hard to reach nutrients underground, it’s drought resistant – when it rains the root system helps the water stay in the soil instead of running off. This crop can resist the highest winds or the wettest spells, it grows well all year round and on any type of soil. This crop could provide food security even in the most erratic rainfall caused by climate change.

Our wonder crop takes carbon and methane from the atmosphere and locks it out of harms way, it builds its own fertility so needs no artificial fertilizers – one of the most carbon heavy inputs in modern agriculture. This crop requires minimal management; no tractors, no pesticides, no irrigation, it does not need to be planted every year, and it can grow anywhere – even on mountainsides, arid plains, or wetlands – the places where no other food can grow.

Sounds great, but there is one HUGE problem. We can’t eat it! It’s called GRASS.


But as evolving humans, we got around this issue – we ate the animals that ate the grass (along with seasonally available plants).

Ruminants such as buffalo, elk, cows, and sheep have clever digestive systems that can turn this wonder crop into meat and milk. The meat doesn’t need storage, can be moved from field to field, it doesn’t often spoil or rot, and we can harvest when we need it – regardless of the weather or time of year. Oh, and not only does it taste amazing, it’s really good for you too!

The above is excerpted from an article on Primal Meats. Read the rest of the article here: The superfood that could save the world.

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