Why the Open Fuel Standard?

In the 1980’s, Roberta Nichols invented modern flex fuel technology. It allows regular gasoline-only engines to burn methanol, ethanol and gasoline in any combination or proportion. The technology is simple: It is a sensor and a computer program for the fuel injector.

But if a significant number of cars had this technology, something world-changing would come into existence: A competitive market for fuels. When drivers arrived at the filling station, they would be able to choose between different fuels, forcing those fuels to compete with each other. This is what the Open Fuel Standard bill would create. Fuel prices would drop (methanol and ethanol are half the price of gasoline per mile already), American consumers would have significantly more disposable income, so it would greatly boost our economy.

And both methanol and ethanol can be made from materials the United States has in abundance, so it would create millions of American jobs. The bill costs taxpayers nothing and subsidizes nothing. A competitive market for the world’s most important commodity would create true energy independence.

Adam Khan is the co-author with Klassy Evans of Fill Your Tank With Freedom and the author of Slotralogy and Self-Reliance, Translated. Follow his podcast, The Adam Bomb

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