We're Paying For Our Own Brainwashing

People "know" all kinds of mistaken notions about alcohol fuel — it ruins car engines, causes food shortages, uses more energy to create than it produces, and so on. How did these ideas arrive in so many minds with so much credibility?

We have been paying an unnecessarily high price for gasoline, and the oil industry has been reaping excessive profit (because OPEC keeps the price of oil way above reasonable profit margins).

With so much money at its disposal, the oil industry spends lavishly on PR, advertising (and the influence over programming advertising can give), political contributions, funding studies, and lobbyists (they have what is considered by many the most powerful lobby in Washington DC).

The result: Politicians and ordinary citizens have a strong bias against clean-burning, American-made, renewable, economy-lifting, national-security-boosting alcohol fuels.

We have been brainwashed. And we have paid dearly for it.

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