American Fuels For American Cars

Gas prices have gone up 100% in 100 weeks making all travel and all products cost more. It’s hard to have an economic recovery—as a family or a nation—when our gains are eaten up by constantly increasing fuel costs. Plus, it’s not only what it costs us, but where our money goes.

Half of all the money we spend to fill the tanks of our cars, trucks, boats, and planes will leave the USA. Half of what leaves will go into the bank accounts of the men who rule the OPEC nations. The higher the price of gas, the more money flows out of the free world and into their hands which they’ve been using to buy up struggling businesses and real estate at bargain prices. This ever increasing river of fuel dollars has now become the largest transfer of wealth the world has ever known!

As long as our cars can only burn gasoline, we have no choice but to pay the price. And without any competition at the pump, the price of oil will only continue to climb.

The Open Fuel Standard is a small silver bullet aimed at the heart of the problem—cars that can only use gas. We live in a country rich with resources. Our cars could use natural gas or hydrogen or electricity or solar or hybrids using two or more sources like a flex-fuel plug-in hybrid, but if the car uses gas, the Open Fuel Standard bill says the fuel lines must be strong enough to handle American made fuels, too, like ethanol and methanol.

The cost to upgrade any new car is small—less than the cost of one tank of gas—but the benefits are immediate and last for the life of the car. Everyone who ever drives it will always be free to choose what fuel goes in the tank.

The Open Fuel Standard means America’s new cars will be able to burn American fuels and that means our fuel dollars will stay home—and that changes everything!

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