Fuel Competition: What We Are Proposing

We want to create vigorous fuel competition in America, so when you fill up your car with fuel, you will have at least two options besides petroleum.

With an open fuel standard, your car will be warranted to burn multiple fuels, so you'll be able to choose what fuel you want to buy today. Will it be gasoline? Ethanol from the local waste-management facility? Ethanol from corn? Methanol from agricultural waste? Methanol from natural gas? You will be able to choose. You will be able to decide where your fuel dollars go. And because these fuels will have to compete with each other, fuel prices will come down. You will pay less at the pump.

Our purpose is to break the oil monopoly and introduce a free market in transportation fuels. The way to accomplish this is to make the cars themselves platforms upon which fuels can compete. This requires only a small tweak to the cars themselves because internal combustion engines burn methanol and ethanol very well.

There are many things you can do to help make this happen. The very first thing you can do is stop contributing to the oil monopoly. What we are proposing is that you immediately install a conversion kit in your car if it is not already an FFV (flex-fuel vehicle) so you can use E85 (85% ethanol) for fuel, and we urge you to spend all of your fuel dollars on E85 instead of gasoline from now on, or until an even better alternative fuel comes along. 

And we urge you to convince all your friends and family to do the same: Convert their gas-only cars to flex fuel cars and then buy E85.

Our first move toward fuel competition is for each of us to use all our fuel dollars to strengthen the ethanol industry so it becomes the thin edge of a big wedge with which we can force open the fuel market into greater and greater fuel competition.

The problem we face is not "oil addiction." The problem is that oil has a virtual monopoly over transportation fuel. The solution is fuel competition.

The reason we are suggesting the exclusive use of E85 is that it's the only alternative fuel widely available that can be used in the cars we already own. But that's just the beginning. We can go much further to create robust fuel competition in America.

And fuel competition in the U.S. will change the world.

America consumes more oil than any other country, so what Americans do will have an impact on the car and fuel industries throughout the world. By creating vigorous fuel competition here, we will strip oil of its strategic status, which will have massive positive repercussions for national and international security. And it will benefit the economy of America and create millions of high-paying jobs.

Because fuel competition will reduce the excessive money flowing to repressive regimes, it will help to create freedom for millions of oppressed people, especially women, who have very limited human rights and very little freedom in many of the richest oil-producing nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Fuel competition will cause more food to be grown around the world as millions of acres that now lie fallow will be fruitful again. And in developing nations, there will be rising opportunities to grow fuel crops for an energy-hungry world, boosting local and rural economies worldwide.

America's national security and economic vitality have been tied to oil for a hundred years. Since 1973, OPEC has used its illegal cartel to control our economy. Fuel competition will permanently free us from their control.

We don't have to wait for "the people in charge" to solve this problem. It can be solved by the individual choices of each driver. When you go to the fuel station, you make the choice to either maintain the monopoly or help create fuel competition. You get to choose what your money will support. You are literally choosing to fund tyranny or freedom. And since fuel is expensive, your personal choice makes a difference. You personally spend a lot of money on fuel, and when you buy ethanol rather than gasoline you are simultaneously cutting off money to one industry and boosting the other.

If you're ready to fill your tank with freedom, start by getting a conversion kit for your car if it's not already an FFV.

Then fill up with E85 from now on. If there isn't an ethanol pump close by, persuade your local gas station to carry it. 

Subscribe to this blog and send our posts to your friends and family, talk to them about what you're doing and why, and convince them to start choosing fuel competition. Always bring the conversation back to competition. Anyone can see that fuel competition is better than a fuel monopoly. 

When an Open Fuel Standard is proposed in Congress, urge your Members of Congress to vote that bill into law. We need fuel competition to commence as soon as possible because we are hemorrhaging our wealth quickly and dangerous regimes are growing in financial power. Sooner is better than later.

Adam Khan is the co-author with Klassy Evans of Fill Your Tank With Freedom and the author of Slotralogy and Self-Reliance, Translated. Follow his podcast, The Adam Bomb.

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