When You Backslide

When you concentrate on one slotra until you accomplish the change you want and then stop repeating your slotra, sometimes you’ll regress back to your old way of thinking, and the change you accomplished will fade away.

This is not a failure. Please remember this. It is only a regression to old habits. Simply start using the slotra again. The change will come back.

This time, however, keep repeating the slotra even after the change is accomplished again, for awhile at least, just to make sure the new mental habit has completely taken hold.

After repeating the slotra for awhile, it will start to come into your mind automatically when you need it. You have successfully changed the way you think, which will change the way you feel and act, which will change the results you get.

This is a crucially important point. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people try something, and it works — it improves their lives just as they hoped it would, so they no longer feel they have to worry about it because everything is great, so they stop doing the things that made everything great, which causes things to go back to the way they used to be, and then they conclude, “It didn’t work!”

It would be like starting an exercise program and losing fifty pounds and feeling great, and then no longer feeling like you need to exercise because you’ve been slim now for awhile, so you stop exercising. And then you gain weight. But then the kicker: You conclude exercise programs don't work.

Obviously you wouldn’t make that mistake with something as obvious as exercise, but you could very easily do it with something as invisible as thought-habits, so I am giving you a clear warning which you would do well to heed: Don’t make that mistake.

If you find yourself reverting to an old habit, it is because you stopped doing something. Start doing what was working before and you will regain your lost benefits.

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This article was excerpted from the book, Slotralogy: How to Change Your Habits of Thought.

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