Direct Your Mind: What Memory Makes Me Feel Good?

The following is part of a series called Direct Your Mind. Good questions can be used effectively to direct your mind so you're using your mind to work for you rather than against you. Read more here about how to use the technique.

You have good memories, and they can make you feel good, but only if you recall them. You could have a fantastic memory that you never reminisce about and you can forget it ever happened! In fact, it is almost for sure you have many wonderful moments you’ve already forgotten. Some of them might be recent. The event happened, it was great, but life moves on and you haven’t thought of it since. That memory is on its way to being forgotten.

But not if you ask yourself this question occasionally: What memory makes me feel good?

Every time you remember something, you strengthen the memory. When you don’t recall a memory, it tends to fade away unless it was emotionally significant, and even then a strong memory is not guaranteed.

Depressed people have just as many positive events as non-depressed people, according to the research, but depressed people reminisce more about their negative events. They strengthen those memories so they seem more real, they seem more numerous, they appear more vivid, and they are easier to recall because they’ve been recalled before.

You can use this same method in reverse and you will feel better more often. Your life will feel richer and more wonderful because your memory will be full of easily-recalled great times. You will have more confidence in yourself because you’ll remember more of your triumphs and successes. You’ll feel more in love because you’ll remember more of those special moments you’ve had with your mate.

Ask yourself the question and ponder it. You’ll be happier.

Adam Khan is the author of Principles For Personal Growth, Slotralogy, Antivirus For Your Mind, and co-author with Klassy Evans of How to Change the Way You Look at Things (in Plain English). Follow his podcast, The Adam Bomb.

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