Oil's Monopoly of Transportation Fuel Promotes Terrorism

Saudi oil money was used to fund the Boston mosque the two Boston bombers attended, according to this article in USA Today. It cost more than 15 million dollars to found the mosque. Over half of it came from Saudi sources, which gives them influence over what agenda is promoted in the mosque.

Saudi Wahhabis have used their oil money, which they are illegally obtaining by price-fixing, to fund over 90 percent of all Islamic institutions worldwide, promoting their fundamentalist, intolerant, and violent agenda around the world, including mosques all over the U.S.

The high price of oil is a direct result of Saudi Arabia's influence on OPEC, which is exploiting the fact that the United States is a one-fuel economy, which is held in place by automakers, who have so far been reluctant to make their cars capable of allowing fuel competition, something they could do easily and inexpensively.

The Open Fuel Standard would change that, and change the world.

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