What Will it Take to Break Oil's Monopoly?

Many people want to introduce competition into the fuel market and break the oil monopoly. But we are completely outgunned. The oil industry is vastly outspending the fuel freedom fighters. The oil industry has so much more money in their war chest that this is like an elephant being challenged to a duel by an ant.

The only way we'll win is by talking to our fellow citizens and increasing our numbers. The more people involved in this cause, the more clout we'll have in the marketplace and with Congress. Swarming ants can, in fact, defeat entire herds of elephants.

That means the most important thing that needs to be done is recruiting. Increasing our numbers. In other words, those of us who already understand what's at stake need to take it upon ourselves to talk to people and get them motivated to talk to others about it.

We are not outnumbered. Far more people would benefit from an open fuel market than are now profiting from oil's monopoly. It wouldn't take a majority of us to make this happen, but it will take more than we have now. So let's get on it. What can you do today that will recruit more people to this cause? 

Adam Khan is the co-author with Klassy Evans of Fill Your Tank With Freedom and the author of Slotralogy and Self-Reliance, Translated. Follow his podcast, The Adam Bomb.

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