Jack LaLanne's Diet

The legendary Jack LaLanne developed his way of eating over a long lifetime. And his vitality and strength at his advanced age are proof he knows what he’s doing. Let’s start with the basics. Jack LaLanne’s diet is low-fat. It includes a fair amount of lean protein. And he eats ample fruits and vegetables.

Jack LaLanne’s diet has very few grains, no flour and no sugar. He eats no red meat and no chicken. His lean protein consists of mostly egg whites and fish. He eats no cheese or milk products except he sometimes adds a little half and half to his morning smoothie.

Jack LaLanne’s diet includes vitamin and mineral supplements. And he drinks wine.

If you want more detail about it, I’ll point you to further resources at the end of this article, but that is Jack LaLanne’s diet in a nutshell.

Of course, Jack LaLanne’s diet isn’t the only key to his immense vigor. The other half of the equation is how he works out. Jack LaLanne’s main rule for working out is: Start easy, do what you can, and increase your workout gradually. If you don’t follow this rule, you are likely to hurt yourself and become discouraged.

For cardio, Jack LaLanne works out hard. He really pushes himself. Throughout his workout, he always tries to challenge himself. He changes his routine every three to four weeks to keep his muscles guessing (and growing).

He uses weights. He goes to failure sometimes but not every time. He works out every day, but he works out different muscle groups on different days. He works out about two hours a day. That’s cardio and strength training combined — two hours total.

After a lifetime of experimenting on himself, this is what Jack LaLanne came up with. It’s the key to his vitality and it could be the key to yours.

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