A Simple Mindfulness Practice You Can Do Anytime During Your Day

Here is an easy practice you can incorporate into your daily life. It will help you feel calmer and more serene as you go through your day. It will enhance the bond you feel with people. It will make your decisions less impulsive.

Just like returning to the mantra as your home base during meditation, in everyday life, continually return to relaxing muscle tension in your face. In your neck. In your back. In your hands. In that order.

You have to pay attention to other things throughout the day, but in small moments check your face and relax the muscles. Then your neck. Then your back. Then your hands.

I think you'll be surprised at something: Almost every time you pay attention to the tension level in your body, you will find tension. Muscles are holding a contraction unnecessarily, and the tensing muscles give you a feeling of tension. When you relax your face and neck and back and hands, you will feel less tense. It only takes a few seconds and you can do it any time.

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