Things You Can Change in Visual Images

  1. The kind of picture: For example, it could be a painting, a poster, a line drawing, or a full-color photograph.
  2. The image can be panoramic or limited or framed.
  3. It could be black and white or color.
  4. The image could be focused and clear, focused on only one part of the image, or fuzzy or blurred.
  5. The image could be by itself or you could imagine several images at once.
  6. The picture could be close to you or far away or anywhere in between.
  7. The colors of the picture could be vivid or faded or muted.
  8. The image could have a lot of contrast, or not much contrast.
  9. The image itself could have a three-dimensional shape like concave or convex, cubic or triangular, or in two dimensions as a square, oval, panorama, etc.
  10. The image can be bright or dim.
  11. You could change the angle of the image. See the same thing from above or from the side, for example.
  12. The image could be moving or still. It could be moving slowly or quickly.
  13. You could change the location of the image. Is it right in front of you? Up and to the left? Behind you? Inside your head? In your left big toe?
  14. Of course, you can change the size of the picture, or the size of the main object in the picture.
  15. You could see the image from your own eyes, or see it from outside your body (dissociated).

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