Things You Can Change in Auditory Thoughts

  1. You could change how long a sound lasts.
  2. You could make it rhythmic or not.
  3. If it's a voice, you could change the voice to sound like someone different.
  4. You could add narration.
  5. You could make the sound come from a different place.
  6. You could make the sound come from a stable place or a moving source.
  7. The sound could be happening quickly or slowly.
  8. If it is a single voice, you could make it multiple voices, and visa versa.
  9. The sound could be the only sound or you could change it to a background sound.
  10. Of course you could change the volume of the sound or the voice.
  11. You could make the sound come and go, fade in and out, or repeat itself.
  12. You could make the sound harsh or soft.
  13. The sound could come from one single place, or multiple places (mono versus stereo or quadraphonic).
  14. For a voice that's saying something, you could change what words are emphasized.
  15. You could add pauses.
  16. You could change the frequency of the sound, making it a higher pitch or a lower pitch.

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