Fuel Competition is URGENT

In our book, Fill Your Tank With Freedom, we write, "Saudi oil billionaires have hired American law firms and lobbying organizations to promote their agenda within the U.S. political system. They keep these powerful groups on their full-time payroll. The Saudis alone have 100 lobbyists in Washington (just for comparison, the NRA, considered one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington D.C., has 28 lobbyists). According to OpenSecrets.org, the total number of lobbyists reported for the year 2012 who were working for the oil and gas industry is 736!"

(Find out here why we don't want Saudis influencing American lawmakers.)

The longer petroleum remains without serious competition, the more money oil companies can spend on lobbying, and the more influence they can exert over our political system. One of their main goals is to prevent any competitors from gaining a foothold in the transportation fuel market. 

Fuel competition is not only a good idea, it is urgent.

Here's what we mean by genuine fuel competition: Robust Versus Feeble Fuel Competition: A Key Distinction.

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