This is Important

If you know anybody who knows someone with Alzheimer's, please send them this link: The Ruthless Progression of Alzheimer's Can Be Reversed.

It is a tragedy, a monumental tragedy that people right now are deteriorating, their memories disappearing, their abilities fading away, unnecessarily, because they are being told with confidence that Alzheimer's is irreversible. They have been given a death sentence. And it's false.

If someone with Alzheimer's hears the news that Dale Bredesen, MD, found a way to reverse Alzheimer's, it's very likely they'll find out from someone who knows them. Someone like you. Think now. Who do you know that is taking care of someone or married to someone who has Alzheimer's or whose parent has Alzheimer's? Please send them this link now. Let them decide. Let them look into it. They have probably never heard of Dale Bredesen's work. They probably don't know anything like it exists.

So much unnecessary human suffering can be avoided. And you can help make that happen.

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