Playing to Your Strengths

Researchers have discovered that people can improve their own psychological health in positive ways (as well as the traditional way of working on problems). And one of these ways is to discover what your signature strengths are, and then exercise them more in your life.

A signature strength is something you're good at that is also something you enjoy doing. A questionnaire has been developed by a team of psychologists to help you discover what your signature strengths are. You can take the questionnaire for free here.

The researchers have defined 24 character strengths. They wanted characteristics that are universally appreciated and aspired to in every culture. They used multiple approaches to discover these. One of the criteria they used, for example, is what virtues do parents in every culture on earth want their children to have? 

Once you know what your signature strengths are, you can add more of it in your life and it will make you psychologically healthier.

Adam Khan is the author of Principles For Personal GrowthSlotralogyDirect Your Mind, and Self-Reliance, Translated. Follow his podcast, The Adam BombYou can email him here.

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