Sociopaths DO Seek Therapy Sometimes

The following comment was sent to me in response to my article on sociopaths: Common Everyday Sociopaths. Here is the comment:

It has been my observation that many psychologists and therapists are quick to discount Antisocial Personality Disorder as a diagnosis even when it is the correct one simply because the sociopath has sought help. Many books say they don't seek help and this is so wrong. They do — just not for Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Every time they find themselves in a jam (jail or hospital) they will choose the hospital and steer the therapists towards a disorder like Bi-Polar or Depression and boy oh boy, they hit the jackpot on pity and sympathy! They even gain a "partner" in their therapists who they charm (oh my, the only one who could ever help!) in teaming up against their victim. Before they know it therapists are quick to defend "their model patient" who they believe needs sympathy because of that "horrible" wife.

Of course, they get so swept into the world of the sociopath that even a therapist will forget how to do their job and where the lines should be drawn. Out with being able to be objective by examining facts and in with becoming the best "pit bull" ever for the sociopath! What a tool to attack his prey!
So it bothers me every time I see a statement that sociopaths don't seek help — THEY 100% DO only for another illness that solicits pity and protection from the therapist who inadvertently joins his "army" that he typically assembles as tools to manipulate into aiding him in harming his victim.

TRUST ME... once a sociopath knows the value of the POWER he has when he entices and charms a therapist into believing HE is the victim... he'll be seeing the doctor far more often than anyone with any other mental illness.

The danger in printing this statement that sociopaths don't seek therapy is that it actually CAUSES therapists to discount antisocial personality disorder as a diagnosis when that is exactly what is going on.

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