The Answer is Multiple Choice

We have to stop looking for a single fuel or a single way to become energy independent. Oil is one thing. The answer will be many things. People may argue methanol is better than ethanol, or only certain ways of making fuel are acceptable, or all cars should be electric or natural gas, or hydrogen is better.

But nobody can say any one thing can replace oil. We need all these ways. And we need cars that can handle all sorts of fuel and power: A flex-fuel plug-in hybrid, for example.

We need to approach fuel independence like our electricity grid. All sorts of power sources make us energy independent when it comes to powering our buildings and stationary equipment: Hydro, thermal, nuclear, wind, coal, natural gas, etc.

We also need dozens of ways to power engines that move, and the more choices our vehicles have, the more powerful we are as individuals and as a nation.

When you buy a liquid fuel car, make sure it can burn more than one fuel. If you have a gasoline-burning car already, turn it into a flex-fuel car. And send a note to your representative asking her or him to co-sponsor the Open Fuel Standard. Let your voice be heard. Silence implies consent.

Raise your voice for freedom of choice so you can buy whatever fuel you prefer. This bill gives us a way to vote for the fuel we want every time we fill up. Let's give ourselves multiple choices.

Klassy Evans is the co-author with Adam Khan of Fill Your Tank With Freedom, What Difference Does It Make?: How the Sexes Differ and What You Can Do About It, and How to Change the Way You Look at Things (in Plain English).

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